How Do I Become A Vegetarian?

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How Do I Become A Vegetarian?

There’s no real set path to becoming a vegetarian.  Different people do it different ways.

Some people say it’s easy — they ask, “How do I become a vegetarian?”…and then they just go become a vegetarian.  They stop eating meat “cold turkey” (pun sort of intended) and reap all the benefits.

But when most people ask that question, “How do I become a vegetarian?”, they aren’t ready for the transition.  They haven’t done any research, they don’t know what they’re going to eat, and they don’t have any kind of plan in place.

And that’s why many people try it for awhile, and then give up and go back to eating meat.  They either start feeling bad because they aren’t getting enough nutrients and wind up being tired all the time, or they get bored because they’re eating boring salads and bread.

That’s the WRONG WAY.

So, when you ask yourself that same question: “How do I become a vegetarian?”, there’s only one real answer:

Start by creating a plan.

First off, you’re in the right place.  This website, as well as the video course, Vegetarian Done Right, will help you put that plan together.  You might want to begin by signing up for the free mini-course on the top right — it’ll outline some of the things you need to know when asking “how do I become a vegetarian.”

As far as the rest of your plan, start by knowing what it is you’re cutting out, and what you need to replace.

Learn about different types of vegetables and fruits, as well as grains, concentrated sources of proteins (such as soy, nuts, seeds, and meat analogs), and other foods.  Uneducated vegetarians eat pasta all the time.  Educated vegetarians eat a balanced diet of interesting and creative food combos that keep them healthy and happy.  So take the time to research some of those foods.

How Do I Become A VegetarianSecondly, start planning out at least a few of your meals.  Think about what you want and will eat for dinner.   All you have to do is write down 3-4 different dishes per week, and then each time you cook, make enough for two nights and throw what you don’t eat in the fridge

For example, you can start with pizza with fake pepperoni and sausage for Monday and Tuesday, veggie sandwiches with goat cheese for Wednesday and Thursday, and then make a big spinach salad with Greek Olives, sautéed wheat roast (aka field roast — it tastes sort of like lamb or beef), and sliced red peppers for Friday.  You can find thousands and thousands of vegetarian recipes — ones even more creative and easy than these.  Just write down what you’re going to eat, one week at a time, and then you can plan and shop accordingly.

Finally, find an accountability partner.  Maybe you have a friend or family member who’s interested in doing this with you.  Or maybe you know someone at work who you can check in with once a week and they can ask whether or not you’ve stuck to your “no-meat” pledge all week.  You could even look at some of the vegetarian groups or message boards out there to make some veg-minded friends.

Going vegetarian isn’t hard, if you plan correctly and act on it, every day.  If you want more guidance, check out  It’s a video series that leads you through the process, one step at a time and makes it super simple to answer that question; “How do I become a vegetarian?”

Good luck!

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