Building A Support System

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Building A Support System

How Do I Become A Vegetarian: Building A Support System

One question I get asked quite a bit is “how do I meet other vegetarians?”

And it’s a great question.  If you’re doing anything by yourself, you’re less likely to succeed.  But if you’re surrounded by people you can talk to about going veg, you are more likely to do it well and stick with it.

So, how do find those people who are doing the veg thing?  Well, it depends where you’re looking, and in what capacity you want to interact.


A great place to start is online.  There are several online vegetarian forums out there, and one of the best ways to get started is to register and post in a few introductory threads to get going.  You can find other newbies and find out their stories, as well as get answers to any of your burning questions on anything related to vegetarianism.

Another place to build your vegetarian support system is one you might not have considered…a veggie dating site.  A number of them are free to post profiles, and you can specify that you are only looking for friends.  That is, unless…you’re looking for more than friends.


If you’re ready to meet other vegetarians in person, one place to start is  Meetup allows you to join for free, and then become a member of any member-created group.  I started and run the Austin Progressive Vegetarian Meetup Group.  We have over 600 members and meet on a regular basis to visit different restaurants, attend events, and more.  Many groups are free, but the ones that charge usually only ask for a few bucks a year or per event.

You might also consider looking at vegetarian cooking classes at local grocery and kitchen stores, restaurants, or cooking schools.  Some community colleges even offer one-off classes on specific topics.

Friends & Family

Finally, you can find support and encouragement from your existing circle of friends and family.  Find one or two people you know and love, and tell them what you’re wanting to do.  They can either try it with you, or at least be an accountability partner to check in with once a week.  If you’re having trouble with knowing what to eat, or just need some encouragement, a good friend can help.

Going vegetarian shouldn’t be hard — it should be fun.  And having other people around you to share the experience makes it that much better.

How Do I Become A Vegetarian: Building A Support System

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