Conversation with’s Founder, Erik Marcus

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Conversation with’s Founder, Erik Marcus

How Do I Become A Vegetarian: Thoughts from the owner of

Today I had a conversation with Erik Marcus, renowned vegan author, lecturer, and owner of the long-term vegan authority site,  And it was really, really great.

The full conversation will be available through the upcoming podcast.  But I wanted to give you a couple sneak previews and share a couple of Erik’s insights that he talks about in his new book: The Ultimate Vegan Guide: Compassionate Living Without Sacrifice.

One idea that really struck me was Erik’s approach to making the change to vegetarianism or veganism.  First, he made it clear that he doesn’t guilt ANYONE into being one thing or another.  He said if you’re making any effort at reducing your meat consumption or cruelty towards animals, you’re doing the right thing and should be congratulated.

But more importantly, he talked about how so many people look at going veg or vegan as a sacrifice; that they have to give something up in order to gain the health, ethical, and other benefits of that change.

Essentially, Erik takes a much more positive spin.  Basically, he says, you’re not giving up meat; you’re exploring a new lifestyle full of great new tastes and textures.  He said that as he slowly began to edge meat out of his diet (which happened over a period of time), he started finding more culinary diversity and unique tastes than ever before.  And he said you don’t have to become a professionally-trained chef to be able to enjoy these tastes.

Erik suggests you find ways to “edge out” meat so that, as you’re incorporating other foods into your diet, you begin to not need it anymore.  It’s almost like getting rid of friends who don’t add anything to your life by meeting new people and hanging out with them more.  It’s not always the easiest process, but it’s all about growth and change.

For some people, going veg is easy — they just drop the meat and, well…done.  For many people, though, it’s a scary proposition.

But cutting meat out of your diet doesn’t have to be a life-changing strike.  Just start exploring new tastes and foods, and be open to whatever shows up.  Then you can kiss your old pal, Mr. T-Bone steak, bye bye.

The podcast should be out in a couple weeks.  If you want to know when it drops, subscribe to the RSS feed here: or check out the Facebook page.

How Do I Become A Vegetarian: Thoughts from the owner of



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