High-Protein Vegetarian Combos – vegetarian sources of protein.

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High-Protein Vegetarian Combos – vegetarian sources of protein.

If you’re eating a balanced diet, getting vegetarian sources of protein isn’t hard.  Most elements of a plant-based diet have various building blocks of protein, and those amount to a healthy protein intake overall.

But every now and then, there’s nothing wrong with hitting the protein…hard.

You see it all the time with meat dishes.  The ham and cheese omelet.  The bacon-wrapped filet.  Surf and turf.  And so forth.

So what follows are some ideas for a quick, high-protein boost to get you feeling great and jumping hurdles and running marathons, and well, whatever else you can do with all that energy.  Maybe you can just clean your house and pick up the kids without feeling like crap.

High Vegetarian Sources of Protein Combos Breakfast Ideas

Omelet: One of the great vegetarian sources of proteinEggs/Omelets: There are all sorts of options here.  You start with either whole eggs or egg whites (roughly 7-8 grams of protein per egg), and then begin with different types of cheese.  A nice 2-year cheddar, a French Sheep’s milk feta, or even just some fresh mozzarella are all terrific, as well as Gruyere, swiss, jack, or whatever you prefer.  From there, you can add in meat analogs, such as breakfast sausage, bacon, ham, or Italian sausage, or you could marinate some tofu in tamari or soy sauce and add them in for texture.  If you’re not in an omelet mood, you could also go fancy with eggs benedict (fake ham, of course), or some hearty scrambled eggs, white cheddar, and fake bacon.  All great ways to start your day, especially paired with a little honeydew and grapes.  You can expect anywhere from 10-30 grams vegetarian sources of protein, depending on what you use.

Oatmeal: Oatmeal by itself doesn’t have a ton of protein, but one secret is to add an egg or two while it’s on the stove.  This doesn’t work as well with instant oatmeal.  But if you’re getting it ready in a pot or saucepan, keep the heat on medium high and add the egg in the middle of cooking.  Stir quickly — you don’t want it to scramble.  It won’t add much flavor or texture — just a good vegetarian source of protein.  You can throw in some pecans or walnuts and some brown sugar or maple syrup to up the protein even more.

High Vegetarian Sources of Protein Combos Lunch and Dinner Ideas

Salads: Like oatmeal, the protein in greens is there, but there isn’t a ton.  However, start adding things like chopped hard-boiled eggs, candied walnuts, cheese, blocks of tofu, pumpkin or sunflower seeds, some Morningstar Farms Buffalo Wings, etc., and the grams start to add up.

Burgers: With this one, you can follow some cues from makers of the real thing.  Whether it’s a bacon cheeseburger, or more creative combos like adding a ham and egg or vegetarian chili with soy ground beef and beans, there are all sorts of ways to up the vegetarian sources of protein to a veggie burger.  And the burger itself can come from various different elements — TVP (soy), beans, rice, cheese, etc.

Hot Dogs: Kind of the same thing — make a veggie dog into a chili cheese veggie dog.  Then, have another one.

Pizza: With pizza, the sky really is the limit.  Any number of meat analogs, combined with fresh vegetables, will up your protein ante, big time.  Italian sausage and peppers with extra provolone.  Morningstar grilled chickn strips with pineapple.  A meat-lovers feast with fake sliced ham, veggie bacon, faux ground beef crumbles, and chunks of sliced sausage (all prepared in a skillet before hand), will have you thinking you just ordered delivery.

Bonus Suggestion

Try protein shakes.  They’re not just made from whey anymore; manufacturers offer hemp, pea, soy, and other high-quality proteins that you can drink as a snack or just to fill you up.

These are just a few suggestions to add some extra protein to your diet.  Keep in mind that you really don’t need that much — most people get way too much protein as it is.  But if you’re looking for that extra boost of vegetarian sources of protein, your options are almost unlimited.