What Can Vegetarians Eat? More Like, What’s the One Thing We Can’t Eat…

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What Can Vegetarians Eat?  More Like, What’s the One Thing We Can’t Eat…

What can vegetarians eat?

A lot of people worry about this.  The thing is, it’s not really that hard to go vegetarian.  You’re really only cutting out one thing from your diet.  Granted, that one thing comprises the bulk of many people’s diets.

Especially if you’re in Texas.

But the fact is that replacing meat in your diet isn’t hard.  It takes a little bit of planning, and maybe a bit of an open mind as well.  But don’t think you’re going to have to plan out every single meal if you don’t want to.

It’s 3:25 pm on Thursday.  Let’s look at what I’ve eaten in the last 24 hours.

For lunch yesterday, my girlfriend and I had awesome Indian food from a local upscale fast-food place called Tarka.  In our aloo ghobi, there were fried potatoes and cauliflower with basmati rice.  In another dish called tikka masala, we had creamy tomato curry infused with fresh herbs and ground spices, paneer (cheese) cubes and green beans, also with rice.  On the side, we had naan, which  is basically bread with butter and garlic.  Indian garlic bread, if you will.

Normally I’d have some fruit or chips in the afternoon, but I was feeling particularly decadent yesterday and had some leftover pizza as a snack.  For dinner, we split some Asian food — sweet/sour rice with fried tofu, seared vegetables,  and each had a fried spring roll with veggies inside.

This morning it was Kashi whole grain cereal with sliced banana and almond milk.  For lunch, I threw together a quick salad with spinach leaves, dried cranberries, almonds, ground flax seed, chopped broccoli, and Morningstar Farms “buffalo wings” lightly fried in a little olive oil, all with a little honey mustard dressing.

So, there ya go.  It’s been a relatively normal 24 hours, and I’ve eaten like a king.  If I wanted to, I could have a bacon cheeseburger (all with fake meats, of course) for dinner or opt to go with steamed vegetables and a baked potato.  I could have an herbed (faux) chicken cutlet from Veggie Brothers.  The options really are endless.

It just gets me when people freak out over “what can vegetarians eat?”  If you think you’re going to eat peanut butter and jelly or salad all the time, then you might want to work on doing a little more research.  The fact is that most vegetarians I know eat better than most of the meat eaters I know.  It’s challenging to live differently in a meat-centric world.  But if you do it right, you can eat and feel better than ever before.

So…what’s for dinner?