Why Become A Vegetarian?

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Why Become A Vegetarian?

Answering the Question…why become a vegetarian?

You’ve probably asked yourself that question at some point.  As someone who’s been a vegetarian now for over six years, as well learned from some of the world’s top nutritionists and vegetarian/vegan chefs, there are a ton of great reasons to take the leap and start cutting meat out of your diet.

A lot of health-minded people are looking for ways to cut fat and calories out of their diet.  By not eating meat, you are getting rid of a major source of saturated fat, cholesterol, and various other harmful elements.  This doesn’t even take into account the chemicals that are getting into your body by eating meat.  The animal processing industry uses various growth hormones, antibiotics, and other unnatural chemicals that you, as the end consumer, winds up ingesting and processing.

Environmental Aspects: Why Become a Vegetarian

Other people also look at the environmental aspects.  Research has shown that the amount of noxious gases released from the daily excrement of millions of animals is more toxic to the environment and atmosphere than the millions of cars on the road.  As well, the amount of grass, grain, and other types of feed necessary to sustain the millions of head of livestock on this planet requires additional millions of pounds of pesticide and other chemicals, which can also find its way into our water supply.

Why Become A VegetarianAnd the last piece of the vegetarian debate has to do with the ethical treatment of animals.  We like to think that cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, and other animals that are raised for consumption lead pleasant lives, similar to how we treat our dogs and cats.

But the sobering reality is that most farm animals lead horrific existences and are treated as elements of production; not living creatures.  To really understand the reasons to become a vegetarian, you have to look at the fact that most livestock live in cramped quarters, sometimes not even given enough room to stand.  They suffer from debilitating diseases and are only treated well enough so that they can make it to the slaughterhouse, where they are shocked, hit with electric bolt guns, have their throats slit, and some are even dumped into scalding water while still conscious.

If you still need to ask, “why become a vegetarian,” think about the fact that pigs have the intelligence and awareness of a two-year old human being.  They know exactly what’s happening to them through this whole process.

These are just a few answers to the question of “why become a vegetarian.”  Fortunately, you can lead a healthy, ethical life by exploring a plant-based diet.  Vegetarians often have lower incidences of disease, and many report enjoying a higher level of energy and stamina throughout the day.

And for those people asking the “why become a vegetarian” question who think all they’ll be eating is lettuce and tofu, think again.  It might surprise you to find out just how well you CAN eat as a vegetarian.  With modern meat analogs and replacements, you can eat convincing veg versions of cheeseburgers, bacon, sausage, chicken, and more…all without the death of a single animal.

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